Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simoniz Cleaning Solutions From Canadian Tire

Simoniz Cleaning Solutions

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Canadian Tires exclusive line of Simoniz products include everything you need to bring out the best in your cars appearance at an affordable price. This is Melissa and this is Jason and theyre gonna show you how!
Lets start with a Simoniz Pressure Washer like this one. At 2000 pounds per square inch its up to 40 times more powerful and more efficient than your standard garden hose.
Starting with a Pressure Washer gets that hard dirt off your car before you start washing but make sure you stand back and only point it at your car this is one powerful tool!
When washing your car its best to use the Two Bucket Method and a Simoniz Microfiber Mitt. Microfiber works much better than a regular cotton cloth because it attracts and traps dirt and dust.
Our first bucket is filled with your favourite Simoniz car wash and the second with clean water for rinsing. Use the soapy water first to wash your car. Start washing the roof and work your way down. Then rinse the mitt thoroughly in the bucket with clean water. Using two buckets virtually eliminates the risk of scratching your car! When youre done use the pressure washer to rinse away the suds.
Check out this 8 pack! Different coloured cloths for different cleaning tasks

With the Simoniz clay bar kit youll remove impurities and contaminants from your cars paint surface and bring out its original beauty. To find out if your car needs of claying conduct the following test on your hood:

After washing and drying your vehicle place a plastic grocery bag over your hand or fingers and gently pass over the surface.
Did the surface feel silky smooth or rough and gritty? If you felt roughness or grit your surface is contaminated.
So if youve wondered how to get that professional finish and show room shine well wonder no more.
Now with the basic cleaning done its time to detail! You could polish by hand but to get the job done

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