Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green NSN Janitorial Cleaning Supplies for Navy, Shipboard Approved Janitor Products GSA Certified

http://www.cavalierva.com Green NSN Cleaning supplies by Cavalier, we specialize in green Eco-friendly NSN cleaning products and janitorial supplies, like bio-based cleaners and non-butyl cleaner degreasers. We provide NSN products which are USDA bio-preferred and free of OSHA hazardous ingredients. We make doing business with us easy. We accept credit card orders and many of our NSN products are available through GSA Global Supply, GSA Advantage, DoD EMALL, NAVSUP One Touch Support, eMARS / Fedstrip, e-Buy as well as FEDLOG, GSA Fedstrip, ebuy, GSA Milstrip, WebFLIS, Navy SALTS, NAVSUP and LogTool. We specialize in Military Cleaning Supplies as well as earth-friendly and eco-friendly cleaners. Werth Products are now on California State CMAS Contract.
Many of our NSN products are green under (FB4P) Federal Bio-based Products Preferred Procurement Program as well as the EPA's DFE Program. In addition, many products have been approved by NAVSEA.
If you are looking to green with your military cleaning operation, Cavalier Inc is here to help, give us call at 1-888-569-0066.

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