Monday, June 4, 2012


What's good YouTube?! I've got a great product I would like to recommend to EVERYBODY not just car stereo junkies.The product is called Captain Richards Best.... AKA It's The Bomb! It's a waterless car wash that you just spray on a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the vehicle with... then you just buff it off right away with a dry microfiber cloth. It cuts down the time required to get your motorcycle, car, truck, or boat clean more than in half and also helps protect the paint. This line of products was designed for people at car and motorcycle shows to be able to get their pride and joy all dolled up before an event. I will be doing a seperate demonstration of the BOMBS AWAY! Metal Polish. That stuff works great on ANY kind of bare metal or a polished lip on wheels etc. I have included some NASTY Dubstep at the end of the video for those who are willing to watch the entire video. There are some photos at the end that shows what this stuff can in a VERY limited amount of time. Captain Richards Best Cleaner and Degreaser and the BOMBS AWAY! Metal Polish demonstration coming soon! These exact same products were used and featured on ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS!

Ordering Info

1 32 Oz Bottle of Captain Richards BEST + 1 Travel Size Sprayer + 1 Green Microfiber Cloth + 1 Yellow Buff Cloth $29.95 + Shipping.
-Enough to do 30 washes of a large SUV- 1 Dollar a wash!

1 8 Ounce Bottle of BOMBS AWAY! Metal Polish $17.99

1 32 Ounce Bottle of Captain Richards Cherry Bike Wash $12.99
-Enough to wash 30 VERY DIRTY vehicles-

1 32 Ounce Bottle of Captain Richards All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser $19.99 Works GREAT for cleaning interior carpets and floormats.

Additional Microfiber Cloths $3.00 each

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