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Babyhood Basics: Safe Cleaning Products | HealthiNation

Coming clean about cleaning products.

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New parents have the answers! Babyhood Basics includes the best wisdom from moms and doctors, so parents can get the information they need when they need it. Clingy babies, and teething can be trying on the nerves.. we share tips and doctor's advice for working through all of the tough spots.

I'm Dr. Preeti Parikh. Of course you want your home to be especially clean when you've got young children crawling around. But be careful which cleaners you use or you could be exposing them to harmful toxins. Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your baby in many ways -- causing eczema, airway irritation, allergies, and if they get their hands into the chemicals and ingest them...poisoning! So it's best to avoid all of this by using non-toxic cleaners. Better yet, make your own safe cleaners at home. A great example is an all purpose cleanser you can make by mixing white vinegar with water or baking soda and an all-natural soap.

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