Friday, June 15, 2012

How to use an Ogena Solutions Anivac Animal Bathing System to bathe a dog.mpg

Five years in business and now sold in five countries Anivac's revolutionary animal bathing system : * cleans from the skin up instead of the top down,
* uses 90% less water, * is mess free, * allows bathing virtually anywhere, * eliminates the use of a wash tub
* allows winter bathing of horses, cattle and other farm animals

Anivac's revolutionary animal bathing systems use a wand that's similar to a carpet cleaner, but with one major difference. Carpet cleaners clean carpets the same way we bathe animals today - from the top down (by spraying onto the top of the carpet). The problem with bathing from the top down (like ALL other existing methods) is that in order to protect animals from hypothermia animal hair is virtually waterproof down by the skin. So it's very very difficult to actually get down and clean their skin.

Anivac systems utilize a series of comb-like nozzles that reach down through the coat and actually sit directly on the animals skin where all the dirt is. These nozzles are adjustable so that if you have an animal with a thicker coat you just adjust the nozzles so that they stick out farther and can reach down through the coat to the skin. When you pull the trigger the Pure Oxygen cleaning solution flushes the dirt, dander and debris off of the animals skin and up into the vacuum wand.

So instead of cleaning from the top down (like very other method out there) Anivac systems clean from the skin up!

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