Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pro Cymbal: NAMM 2010 Cleaning Demonstration

Pro Cymbal proudly presents the PC-2 cleaning a Zildjian cymbal at NAMM 2010.

Pro Cymbal Inc. is a company dedicated to making the process of cleaning and restoring cymbals into a relatively simple task, causing absolutely no harm to the cymbal or the environment, since we utilize a water soluble, biodegradable, and non toxic cleaning solution. The PC-2 was invented to take all of the time and effort out of the daunting task of cleaning cymbals. With the PC-2 the machine does all of the work! As the cymbal spins, the operator simply needs to apply a small amount of water soluble cleaning solution and pressure to thoroughly clean the cymbal. By using water soluble cleaning solution, the cymbal will never be exposed to the risk of heat by friction, which changes the molecular structure of the metal in which a cymbal is comprised of. As you may know, heating the cymbal by friction makes a cymbal prone to premature cracking. With our cleaning system the cymbal remains cool to the touch throughout the entire cleaning process. Our process is also logo friendly too, to ensure the cymbal's original appearance.

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