Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sebo Felix and Disco - An Easy Home Cleaning Solution

In this video review, GoVacuum demonstrates the Sebo Felix, easily the most versatile vacuum we offer. By incorporating the benefits of an upright, canister, hand held vacuum and floor buffer, the Sebo Felix can meet all your cleaning needs.

What we noticed first about the Sebo Felix, what truly sets it apart from its competitors, is its compatibility with the Sebo Disco floor polisher. The Sebo Disco floor polisher is the only one on the market that also employs a vacuum while buffing bare floors. Anyone who's ever tried this knows how irritating the dust accumulation can be, so it's nice that a manufacturer took notice as well and also offered a solution.

But make no mistake; the Sebo Felix is a powerful, easy-to-use vacuum too. The swivel head is a must-have, and it, combined with the general maneuverability of the body, makes it the most convenient vacuum we've gotten our hands on. It also has an adjustable handle to match the height of anyone using it.

Another feature of the Sebo Felix that really speaks to its versatility is the adjustable speed mode. With a simple slide, you can as easily vacuum a thick carpet as you can gently clean an expensive oriental rug. Some vacuums can be particularly harsh on delicate surfaces, but this isn't a concern with the Sebo Felix.

This vacuum also does something that most of its competitors do not: it turns into a portable hand vacuum. It comes attached to the body, so all you have to do is remove the head and voila, your stairs and couches are able to be cleaned.

It's easy to sell a product when its superior to the competition. There simply isn't another product on the market that offers the power and versatility that it does. We have yet to find a vacuum that compares to this, but rest assured that when GoVacuum finds it, well let you know. But thus far, the Sebo Felix is in a class of its own.

To find out more information about the Sebo Felix check out our online store: http://www.govacuum.com/sefeupva.html

For more information on the Disco, check out: http://www.govacuum.com/sediflpo.html

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